Jasmine Pierik


A Salute to the Sun: Morning Movement
Teaching schedule: Sunday 8:30am – 10am
Wake your body up with a dynamic vinyasa flow. The class will start with some pranayama (breathing), move into a gentle warm up, and then get you moving a ready for the day.
Regular Ass Yoga Classjasmine-pierik-2
Teaching schedule: Sunday 11:30am – 1pm
With all these workshops, sometimes you just want a regular old yoga class. Come on over and get your mind and your body right! Great for all skill levels.

About Jasmine:
Jasmine is a world traveler, a people lover, a risk taker, a straight shooter, and a knowledge seeker. After completing her Bachelor’s degree at UCLA, she left for Costa Rica for a 200hr teacher training to get a better understanding of herself and of this thing called yoga. Although Jasmine did not start practicing asana until 2013, she was a competitive dancer for 14 years, played swim and waterpolo, and has always been an avid weightlifter and fitness enthusiast. She came to yoga looking for a work out and found so much more. Her journey has led her to a new sense of spirituality and an understanding of self love that she never thought was possible. If anything, yoga has taught her that all things are possible. She believes that as a yoga teacher she is not changing lives, but empowering individuals to change their own lives – to learn to take control of their mind and their body, while simultaneously letting go of all control and allowing the mind and the body to heal themselves.

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