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Lean On Me

A huge part of Yoga is learning to trust ourselves and let go of Samskaras (impressions).  In the Lean on Me Workshop, arm balancing plays a monumental role in this process.  Arm balancing helps to create confidence, strength, and getting over the fear of falling (metaphorically and literally).  However, arm balancing does not always come easy.  So, by using blocks, straps, and bolsters, we create a cushion around the fear; which in turn, also teaches us to nurture our bodies and be open to receiving the help that is always available to us.  In addition to using props, the Lean on Me Workshop will also incorporate partner work.  So, bring a friend, or meet a new friend!  We all need support; whether it is from our loved ones, community, or Yoga props!

***Please note: This is an All Levels workshop, so all levels are welcome.  However, this workshop is not suggested for anyone who is pregnant or healing recent major neck or shoulder injuries***

Vinyl Vinyasa!!! (WITH LIVE DJ!)

This is an all levels LIVE music Vinyasa Yoga Flow.  Practicing Yoga with great tunes in the background can be very invigorating and inspiring.  Come have some fun and be free!


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About Jamie:

Jamie Loves Yoga!  It was love at first Down Dog.

Jamie feels so fortunate and blessed to not only be a South Bay native and resident, but to have found the Yogic Path of healing and serenity.  After falling in love with her Yoga practice, she felt it only natural to continue her journey by becoming a teacher.  Jamie completed her foundation training through Mukti Yoga School in 2006, led by Julie Rader Wellman.  Two years following her first training, she completed her 500-hour Graduate certification.  Since then, she has taken an eclectic array of trainings specializing in Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Advanced Asana, Tantric Yoga Philosophy and Chakras.  Her education continues daily on her mat, through workshops and teaching.  Jamie has been given the amazing opportunity to pass this wonderful gift of Yoga on to others by leading Yoga Teacher Trainings for Mukti Yoga School.  Jamie builds soulful playlists each week to choreograph her sequences; making for a diverse, playful, and uplifting Yoga class.


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