Dr. Jacqueline Le Falle

Sacred Balance Yoga
Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 12:30-2pm

Sacred Balance Yoga is a gently dynamic, breath-centered, general conditioning workshop for all. Instead of music, our cleansing and rhythmic breath is intended to accompany and support comfortable, fluid, meditative movements and poses/asanas, as well as the relaxing, still meditation at the end of our practice. Come dial down,  u n w i n d ,  and mindfully attune to the present moment.


About Jacqueline:

Jacqueline Le Falle, PhD, CYT has been practicing Hatha Yoga since taking her first “Yoga for Beginners” class at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance, shortly after the studio opened. Seeking to deepen her personal Yoga practice, in 2008 she studied Prime of Life Yoga with Larry Payne, PhD, receiving her certification in this 50-hour “specialty training for Yoga teachers and dedicated students, focusing on Yoga for midlife and beyond”. Encouraged to consider teaching Yoga, Jacqueline went on to complete the Stretch for Success 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, with her teacher and mentor Purusha Hickson.


Jacqueline, a licensed psychologist, retired from her full-time therapy practice at the end of 2010. Forty-one days later, she was teaching a weekly, gentle Yoga class for faculty and staff at her former place of employment, Loyola Marymount University. Sacred Balance Yoga has become her signature course among LMU’s Holistic Health and Wellness offerings.  


A Los Angeles native, Jacqueline considers herself “a grateful work in progress and a perpetual student~ not only of  Yoga, but of this lifelong spiritual journey.” 

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