LA Zouk Congress- Dance I Say!

Zouk with Me!

10608799_1495369727377810_1190918678917667201_o-1024x682Brazil is all the rage this year and not just because of the Summer Olympics! There is another dance craze born of the land of beauty and bikinis, it is called Zouk! This new form of physical expression is perfect for yogis as it appeals to those with its strong, flowing movements.  Zouk attracts people who are generally strong and grounded, and looking for a dance that emphasizes interdependent partner interaction to create.  Also known as “Zouk-Lambada”, Brazilian Zouk is a sensual partner dance with origins in Lambada (aka “the Forbidden Dance”) and danced to “Zouk” rhythms made popular in the French Caribbean.Lambada was first introduced, and gained popularity, in Porto Seguro, in the northeastern state of Bahia. The word lambada refers to a whip motion, which is the motion created by the body when dancing lambada. The dance can be described as having fast, twisting steps. One of the main features of the dance is the sharp hip movements that result from shifting the weight of the body from left to right, combined with alternating relaxed knees. The movement looks similar to the samba steps that you might see in Brazilian carnival, though it is danced to different music and with a partner. The best way to understand is to watch and participate at the Opening Ceremony of SBYC 2016!

Bring your tipy toes or dancing shoes and your willingness to learn something sensual and new!

About Ivo:

Born in Portugal to parents from Mozambique and Angola, Ivo Vieira has devoted his life to spreading African and Latin-American dance throughout the world. Since 1998, Ivo has trained in Brazil, USA and throughout Europe brining his unique style, singular passion and unparalleled experience to hundreds of dancers. While working as a choreographer and dancer in various performances, festivals and events, Ivo has risen to become one of the world’s premier instructors in the African styles of Kizomba and Semba and recently Brazilian Zouk. With great respect for the traditions and history of these dances, Ivo brings his vast knowledge of the Afro-Latin idiom from around the world to expand and explore what they can become. Ivo & his partner Shani currently live in the US where they  aspire to innovate and share their love of Zpuk and Kizomba around the world Together ,they have been  traveling , performing and teaching  all over the world .

About Shani:

Shani Meyer was born in Israel where she was trained in classical dance and gymnastics. She has trained from Los Angeles to New York in modern dance and received her minor in dance performance in Los Angeles. She is choreographer and teacher of teachers!
In 2013 she organized the 1st ever Zouk congress in the USA ,allowing the zouk scene to really 
flourish in the United States. For the past three yeats Shani has been working with partner Ivo Vieira teaching and performing all over the world! They are known for their unique style and high quality performances. Locally they teach in Los Angeles where they have a Zouk and Kizomba school and train performance teams with their company ISDC!


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