Ieshia Alley (Ali)

Mind Tricks the Body. Breath Shifts the Spirit.

Ieshia Alley (Ali)
Executive Director

Teaching schedule:
Saturday 10:30 – 1pm
Sunday 12:30 – 2pm

Ieshia Alley-Ali, is a 900-EYT (Experienced Yoga Therapist) Ayurveda practitioner, published author, self proclaimed Jedi Master and Yogapreneur™.

She creates and delivers whimsically illuminating yoga sessions weaving scientific elements of physics and geometry with Yoga sutras and philosophy. Her teaching style is eclectic, a blend of breath work, vinyasa (flowing linked movements), mantras, meditation and Thai massage with a focus on energetic anatomy and physical alignment to create an experience of mindfulness and reflection of the individual as not simply a human “machine” but as a celestial being.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Ieshia began teaching professionally over 15yrs ago . Her inspiration to transition from corporate citizen of America to International Yogi was born of her determination to bring the soul back to Yoga as a spiritual practice and scientific method beyond an exercise regiment. She refers to her students as Jedis and her classes as #JediTraining.

In 2007, this respect for Yoga and Ayurveda guided Ieshia not only thru the birth of her second child but also to become Founder and Principal Therapist “Spirit Manager” of Shakti MindBody Studio, aka, “The Bohemian chic urban Yoga hang suite,” a distinguished Yoga & Wellness center in Washington, DC.

Prior to Ieshia’s Yoga transformation, while climbing the corporate ladder at France Telecom North America, frequent extended business flights tthroughout Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore and many Far East destinations took their toll. Ieshia credits the discipline and grace of Yoga for enabling her to maintain vitality, flexibility, enlightenment and balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit, especially on the road and in the air.

A diagnosis of Thyroid cancer in 2004, soon after the birth of her firstborn child, life offered the unexpected. As a new mom, and budding yogini, Ieshia met this challenge head on with a wonder team of Western and Eastern healers from Philadelphia to Seattle. Her integrated approach to treatment has been successful and her personal practice has continued to flourish through this ongoing spiritual and physical experience.

Ieshia believes that energy modulates alternating between motion and rest, during which time, Riverwalk11order and balance are restored to the system. In 2013 she relocated from Washington, DC to the SouthBay where she and partner in success Sandy Pampadimitrous realigned after initially meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2012. Four years later they find themselves leading a quiet revolution of active citizenship in being the change they wish to see in their community and this world.

An international yogini who has sprinkled fairy dust and managed spirits from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, New York, Egypt and Miami.

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