Hope Zvara

Fascial Fitness Oh My!
Teaching Schedule  
Friday 3:30-5pm
Saturday 10:15-11:45am


  (2 hours/ 2 YA CEC)
Our bodies are made up of fascial pockets where bones and muscles are inserted…
or is it our bodies are made up of muscles and bones with fascia wrapped around it??…
Join Hope has she helps you navigate through your fascial
system: learn what exactly is fascia, how to properly work it to maximize your health and well-being. What fascia has to do with being a yogi, foam rolling and using acuBalls in your yoga class
or daily life.
Turn your practice upside-down with a greater understanding of fascia and walk away with
dozens of new exercises, tips and tools to expand your teaching and personal practice.
* Fantastic for Athletic bodies images-1 images-2

Tips and Tweaks for Yoga Geeks

2.0 hours / 2 YA CEC
Are you gitty over yoga? Are you thirsty for all the little ins and outs of your practice,
the ones that no one seems to be teaching you about?
Do you find that you look at poses know what they “shou
ld look like” but haven’t a clue as to why or how your body got there? What if your body doesn’t go that way?
Do you know what to do? Or maybe you simply just don’t know what you should be feeling and
working in each asana so instead you just “do what you are told” in hopes that eventually you will get it?
Join Hope Zvara for an eye opening and exciting immersion where you and y our mat get a lot of TLC.
If you are a teacher this workshop will leave you with dozens of tools that will make teaching yoga easier and more effective, where you will find yourself having to do less hands on adjustments because poses make more sense to you and now to your students. As a student you will find that you gain a more well-rounded balance from your yoga practice, the balance everyone claims yoga to give your body.
Get functionally sound guidance on:
-Alignment made easy-REALLY!
-Assessing gait
-Understanding anatomy without really know the names of
muscles (really)
-Hands on experience with yoga?s most staple postures
-And gain understanding to the infamous question WHY!
-Get inspired as to why you love yoga with Hope’s passionate, refreshing and incredibly honest
approach to yoga!
 About Hope:     HOpeZ
 Hope Zvara is a “wise beyond her years” blogger, yoga leader and life hacker. With her off-the
cuff perspective on life, Hope uniquely reworks both your mind and movement to ultimately transform you into the best damn version of yourself ever.


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