Greville Henwood


Advancing Your Asana:

In this fun and lively workshop we’ll discuss exactly what “advanced” asana is from a few different perspectives. See how various approaches change the way we perform asana and explore the things that make an intermediate asana grow and flourish.

We will integrate some ideas from other movement disciplines and study how the mental aspect of a pose can take the student to a deeper level of awareness.

Taking some simple asanas, we’ll look at different ways and find new ways to do them that will inform and educate some more challenging ones.

Explore your relationship to yourself, your body and psychology and come away with a more profound sense of yoga asana and how it can help liberate your mind and body from doing to being.

Students should have a minimum 1 year experience and can expect inversions, backbends and arm balances, lots of modifications will be offered.

About Greville:

Practicing since 1985, teaching since 1997, Greville has literally traveled the globe. After studying Bikram, Kundalini and Sivananda traditions, he came home to Yoga Works. His love of Iyengar yoga is clear in his devotion to alignment, just as his love for Ashtanga is expressed in his reverence of vinyasa.

After completing the greatly respected Yoga Works Teacher Training  and Advanced Teacher Training programs with Yoga Works’ founder Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford, he began teaching at Yoga Works at Maty’s insistence and continues to teach there today.

He is now a Senior Teacher Trainer and also Senior Faculty at the American Yoga School in Los Angeles.

After teaching Teacher Trainings in Japan with Prana Power Yoga  for both adults and Kids yoga, he travels the world offering his GroovyKids™ Yoga Teacher Training. The training has now been offered 17 times in 7 different countries spanning 3 continents, teaching hundreds of teachers and thousands of kids. His program offers certification in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards.

He has also led retreats in Santorini, and customized private retreats in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Turkey, Mykonos and Thailand.

Greville’s love of philosophical wondering and physical expression blend themselves to offer a class at once thoughtful and challenging, honoring the Eight Limbs of Patanjali.

Never the same twice, he  knows that yoga can be a tremendously rewarding path of Self-discovery.

Trained in all aspects of Yoga Teaching including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Senior and Therapeutic, Greville’s unique world view and sense of humor blends to create an experience that informs and educates all types of yogis. His youngest clients are under 3 and his oldest octegenarians. From war veterans to celebrities to the blind to the stiffest to the most flexible, Greville enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of yoga in a manner that invites the seeker to approach the work at their own pace and level.

Greville has never met anyone who’s not benefited from yoga.


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