Gary Golding

The Bee Warrior    
Teaching Schedule:
Sunday 1:45-3pm
Alt. Teaching Location: Lawn Saturday all day & Sunday all day
“Consume as Little As Possible”

“There is a lesson in the decline of bees about how to respond to the most fundamental challenges facing contemporary human societies. We can best meet our own needs if we maintain a balance with nature — a balance that is as important to our health and prosperity as it is to the bees.” ~ Mark Winston, The New York Times

imagesThis is a presentation primarily for children but is also very educational and entertaining for adults as well! I teach the language of the Bees and change the publics way of viewing them. The weekend mini demonstrations and worshop aims to dispell myths and teach not to FEAR, but to welcome and invite Bees into our individual worlds. The one day workshop includes projected imagery, videos and photos.  We conclude with a Bee warrior ceremony that includes children in the fight for the planet and it’s creatures. In this ceremony the participants not only get their face painted with Pine Pollen harvested in the Spring from the local Pine Trees by Gary himself, participants will also get to taste Bee Pollen and Honey from Gary’s rooftop hive!
Participants are offered the tactile experience of holding Comb/Beeswax from hives as well and most importantly they learn the Bee Warrior motto 
which is also the most powerful sentence known to all Humanity.

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