Gaia Budhai


Trance Dance and Emotional Release Breath Work
Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 6:30-8:30pm
Sunday 10:15am-12:15pm

Trance Dance is a sacred ritual, a sacred dance, a powerful way of uniquely exploring ones innermost self. Trance Dance is natural, primal and has its roots in ancient cultures. The music, strong, evocative and percussive in nature along with the breath and blindfolds guides the dancer into a deep space of letting go. One experiences higher states of consciousness, hidden aspects of the self lying dormant becomes awakened, deep physiological healing, emotional healing and release, altered

states of consciousness, becoming fully alive and present. The more we can connect with the earth and the naturalness of the body letting go, the more the mind, ego and habitual patterns fall away allowing more freedom and a surrendering into the magical healing space of Trance. Trance Dance helps us to get out of our heads and into our bodies with out judgments or inhibitions. This “letting go” is a deep longing in all of us and through this process of Trance Dance one experiences a true inner freedom, passion, power, purpose and an understanding that we are all part of the great dance called life.

Emotional Release Breath Work


Emotional Release Breath Work is an integrated system which works with the body and the mind simultaneously, resulting in a high frequency of energy, new insights and a profound sense of well being.
About Gaia:
Gaia Budhai is a highly respected teacher, guide, workshop leader and community builder. She is the founder of Synergy Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts, Miami beach’s first yoga studio 22yrs ago which she sold 8 yrs ago. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and is the -Creator and Director of Miami’s well-respected Gaia Living Arts Synergy Yoga Teacher Training Program. Through her practice and study in the field of meditation , yoga, massage therapy, emotional release body work, Transformational Breathing, Trance Dance and primal theater she has synthesized her practice to include the essence of all these modalities as she continues to develop a unique, integrated approach in which one can live their life being deeply rooted, present, passionate and embracing all that we are in each moment.

Gaia’s effervescent personality combined with her heartfelt warmth and conscious leadership make spending time with her a truly joyous and healing experience.

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