Free Hugs for a cause

aj“Meet my nephew Andres Joseph (AJ).  He left us 9 years ago due to Lukemia at only 12 years of age.  I have since wanted to honor him in a special way.  This past August he would have been 21.  His mother Kathy wanted to honor his birthday by collecting $3,200 to donate to a family in Haiti. 96.4% goes directly to the family. Food for the Poor will deed a house to the mother at that low cost. What I love about it is that it is deeded to the mothers instead of the fathers who are not always around and leave.

A.J. Loved hugs. I remember squeezing him and he would respond back. He is our golden boy and guardian angel. We miss him every single day. 
Let each hug remind you that we are infinite and we are Love! Let’s remember those who have passed but remain forever in our hearts!

A.J., Feel the love we will always carry in our hearts through each hug, I love you!!!

-Your Aunt Sandy  (Sandy Papadimitriouco-executive director South Bay Yoga Conference)

All donations made at the The “Hug Booth” will go to FoodForThePoor to honor A.J.’s life.




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