Fitspirations of Health & Wellness

Friday May 27

“The principle of Wu-Wei (no striving) indicates harmony- within and/or without- cannot be obtained by going against the grain of things, which only promotes conflicts of extreme reactions. When one allows ones’s self-consciousness, or EGO, to yield to the natural flow of things, the highest action is obtained- the action of no action.”

Friday May 6

April showers bring may flowers! OUr flora friends aid & sustain us in many ways here on planet earth. This month may they remind us to FORCE Quit from time to time. Forcing anything into submission seems to always lead to disaster if not hurt feelings and epic misunderstandings… oh yea and EXHAUSTION for all that pushing and convincing. Like the old saying goes, “if it don’t fit don’t force it, just relax and let it go.”

Friday April 29

Our health is our wealth and greatest asset. We are in the midst of a great mind shift from sick and save to let’s treat the entire body as a system to be harmonized, the hypodermic needle meets the acupuncture electrodes. The best of both worlds is optimal the SBYC way.

Friday April 22

Stop, look and listen. It’s palpable and gaining weight. The heaviness of the culture of FEAR. Let’s use our spiritual might to reverse the ugly and negaticve effects of fear driven Politics, Economics, Legal and Medical initiatives. When we move and operate from a base of fear, nothing good can come of things. In a state of fear we breath shallow and rapidly. With freedom of fear we move from Inspiration by breathing slow and deeply.

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