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As the guardian of the threshold, Ganesh in charge of transitions and transitional spaces: he holds space for us to move through and beyond our obstacles with awareness and power. In this vinyasa flow workshops we will invoke Ganesha , ruler of the Earth element, so that we may find our ground, root into earth, and move with grace and power. This workshop will include a journey through the lower chakras, mudra, and chanting, with a focus on the earth element and hip opening arm balances.


emilyperryworkshopALIGN WITH THE HEART

In Chinese medicine, we recognize the connection between the Heart and the Kidneys. Through deep energetic channels their energies communicate— it is through this energetic mandala that the energy of the Kidneys anchors our Heart’s vision to the power and discernment of the bandhas. In this vinyasa flow workshop we will explore the energetic connection between and Heart and the Kidneys. We will activate the power of discernment, Samana Vayu, as we move through a mandala (or sequence) of backbends and arm balances geared towards aligning us with our innermost vision. We will explore, align, and flow with our innate energy through asana, mudra, breath work (pranayama), and chanting.


Full spectrum vinyasa flow class, Intermediate levels, experience helpful.

About Emily:     EmilyP_hdst
Emily Perry E- RYT 500, L.Ac. MTOM is a Yoga Teacher based in Santa Cruz, California. A student of yoga and meditation since 1994, and of Chinese Medicine since 2000, she teaches Transformative Yoga Flow [Bhakti Power Vinyasa] , Mindfulness , and Restorative Yoga.
A student of Janet Stone, Christopher Wallis and Christina Sell, she also studied with many others in the vinyasa flow tradition. Weaving together five element theory, energetic alignment, non-dual philosophy and myth, her innovative vinyasa flow classes and workshops explore energetics, mudra, chanting, and pranayama.  Her dynamic workshops can be found at festivals, and she offers workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings globally,
Emily  teaches weekly classes at DiviniTree Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA and at Breathe Los Gatos in Los Gatos, CA.


Her podcast, The Essence of Yoga, is gearing up for its second season, and can be found here.

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