Dr. Eden Goldman

Yoga Doctors Master Class with Dr. Eden Goldman
Teaching Schedule:
*These Master Classes are a separate fee. Not included in Event Pass

Friday 3:30-5:15pm: Therapeutic Flow
Saturday 12:15-2:15pm: The Art of Adjusting Yoga Poses

Chikitsa Vinyasa

The Yoga Doctors Method of Chikitsa Vinyasa is an organic system that synthesizes the most structurally and energetically intelligent elements of classical Yoga Therapy, Thai massage, Raja Yoga, Qi Gong, Chiropractic, Bhakti Yoga, rehabilitative medicine, sports/athletic training, and modern movement science. This intuitive and soulful master class features both traditional and avant-garde therapeutic variations to asanas and is designed to teach practitioners to adapt the practice to their individual bodies with natural artistic fluidity, breath-oriented movements, inner and outer balance, and a deep sense of grace and gratitude for the body.

The Secret Art Of Adjusting Yoga Poses

Eden_WorkshopsBased on his upcoming book, The Secret Art of Adjusting Yoga Poses, this Yoga asana workshop with Dr. Eden Goldman breaks down some of the most popular poses in Hatha Yoga and presents insights into how teachers can deliver more effective and beneficial asana assists for a variety of skill levels and body types to enhance one’s experience in Yoga. The workshop begins with a light warm-up practice and transitions into an open forum, posture lab, and asana adjustment clinic where we discuss ways of developing more awareness as practitioners and how we can release tension and stress patterns in the body using materials prepared from Dr. Eden’s book.

About Dr. Goldman:

Dr. Eden Goldman, D.C., C.Y.T., Y.T.R.X., E-RYT500,
is a wellness-based chiropractor, certified Yoga therapist, physical rehabilitation specialist, and owner of The Yoga Doctors Institute of Integrative Medicine. Co-author of Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine and author of the upcoming book, The Secret Art of Adjusting Yoga Poses, Eden co-developed The Yoga Doctors Method of Chikitsa Vinyasa Yoga (Therapeutic Flow Yoga) while personally mentoring under the founder of the International Association for Yoga Therapists, Larry Payne, Ph.D., and Craig Liebenson, D.C., former team Chiropractor for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. His current work integrates classical Eastern Yoga therapeutics, Thai massage, and myofascial release bodywork with Western advancements in movement-based mind-body medicine, sports science, athletic training, prevention, rehabilitation, and chiropractic. Director of Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga and the Healing Sciences Program and co-developer [with Paula Tapia] of the Yoga Therapy for AstronautsProgram for Mars Without Borders, Dr. Goldman has been featured in many forms of print,media, and books on Yoga and Yoga therapy.                            

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