DL Sweet

Chair Yogadl-sweet
Teaching schedule: Saturday 8:30 – 10am
Gentle Yoga is a mindful, therapeutic and accessible practice that serves the needs of students who are looking for a gentler form of Yoga that will support their current physical, mental and spiritual needs. For injury rehabilitation, stress reduction to spine and joint stability, Gentle Yoga offers therapeutic modifications, mindful breathing practices and movement awareness to serve the unique needs of each student.  We start at the top of the head and work  down the body to our toes.
The benefits of Yoga In Chairs are as follows:
– Reduces aches and pains – Gentle movements lubricate and nourish the joints and connective tissue to ease the pain of arthritis and other neuromuscular conditions.
– Helps reduce stress and anxiety – Combining slow, rhythmic breathing  with gentle movements helps to calm the nervous system, slow the mind and allow time for well-deserved peace and relaxation.

About DL Sweet: Objectives is To bring Yoga In Chairs or Deskworkers Yoga to Seniors, People who have Physical and Mental Limitations, Organizations and Corporate America. Education from, TheraYoga Studio RYT 200 and Yoga Vista Academy –  Yoga In Chairs. 

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