Dana Damara

 I am a priestess

Dana Damara-3010

I am a teacher of teachers

I am a thought leader and activist for girl and woman empowerment

Over 13 years ago, yoga cracked me wide open, exposing the depths of my soul so I could see and be seen. It has taken me down hard in injury, illness, and mental blocks; and it has brought me back up through breath, devotion, and gratitude. The physical practice wakes up the senses, the mental practice quiets the mind, and the spiritual practice affirms our connection to source, so the soul can be heard above all else.

My teachings are a blend of Iynegar, Anusara, Bikram, Vinyasa and spiritual awareness on your mat while sweating through your physical density. It’s a spiritually sound asana that is physically challenging. The body holds everything: every thought, every trauma, every triumph, every mis-take and every mis-step. It holds love and it holds pain. It holds things left unsaid and both powerful and powerless actions and non-action. True healing cannot take place without movement. The mind is a trickster and will move you back to where you started for the sake of familiarity and patterns. Thankfully, the body is consistently replenishing, realigning, and rejuvenating itself for a deeper connection to all that is – we are a miracle.

Dana--56I call this style Bohemian Flow

I am a teacher, but always a student. While I hold a lot of knowledge in this brain, there is always something to learn. And, there is always something ready to be released for deeper connection and integration. I am approachable, authentic and a grounding source that can hold space easily. I approach this practice with deep reverence for the ancient teachings and all of its wisdom. At the same time, I do not take myself too seriously.

I like to think that when you step onto your mat with me; whether in the yoga room, a teacher training, or on sacred soil of another land, that you trust me. You trust what I have to say and all that I am sharing in that moment. I trust that you know that I see you in all your glory and that I ask nothing of you.

You will enjoy the journey of whatever it is you have come to experience and you will weave my words into a story that resonates specifically for you. There’s a beginning, middle, and an end; and you get to drop into what you need on that day, in that weekend, or in that magical place you create for yourself. I am a gatekeeper and one who holds space and that is all. My intention is to intuitively connect with your needs and trust that you are here 100% with me and ready to open to whatever you desire in that moment.

Every class, training, event, private session and retreat is different and dynamic because you are dynamic. The elements of each group in each session are different so how could any class, training, or retreat be the same? It’s not possible. Obviously there is a focus on themes, and safety, and requirements … but all linear aspects can be organically woven into an experience uniquely for you.

I do not play small or safe. I am loyal to you as a student and practitioner while being the same to myself. I love love, and know that it exists in all of us. I am open and inviting while protecting my personal space so I can offer up truth, freedom, and love to everyone who steps foot into my teaching.



Dive deep into traditional and long standing philosophies that still resonate with us today. Integrate these philosophies in your practice off and on your mat. Where are you on this continuum and how can you be awake to all that is … how can you be in the now and nowhere else. Uplift and ignite your practice by using your powerful voice and connection to take your practice to the next level. Weaving mantra, meditation, goddess energy and creative flows, be prepared to drop of the edge of your practice and into another dimension of being and sharing this practice.

Explore the temple of your body from a brand new place… this practice is an inside job. Knowing your purpose and setting your life on fire with truth, freedom and love. Through invigorating asana, rejuvenating pranayama and intentional chants we find our thoughts, words and deeds falling into alignment. Asana and lecture. Put your unique talents, gifts and skill to work for living a life you love.


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