Core Power


CorePower  1.5

Ideal for anyone new to yoga and interested in its benefits, this beginner level CorePower Yoga sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility, and find focus. CorePower Yoga is a challenging and dynamic Vinyasa series, meaning breath is linked to movement. This Level 1 (C1) class is practiced in a warm (think August in Southern California) outdoor space, moderately paced so you will learn the fundamental CorePower Yoga postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. This class will invigorate your entire body.

About Andrea:

Andrea is certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, spin instructor and is 200 Hr Yoga Alliance certified.  She has taught Power Yoga/Vinyasa style classes since 2001, both abroad in Germany and in Colorado, Texas and California.  Andrea experienced the transformative power of yoga in bridging cultural, generational, language and ethnic barriers for people where ever she has taught and enjoys sharing the gift of yoga in the Southbay at the Corepower Yoga Studio in Torrance.  She teaches C1, C1.5 C2, Yoga Sculpt and Corerestore and has led the Yogasculpt Teacher Training.  Andrea enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with others through teaching.

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