Club Kids Yoga

Club Kids Yoga

What children learn through regular yoga practice will stay with them forever. Children live in a crazy environment today, full of video games, computers, competitive sports, homework and the pressure to be perfect. Yoga helps kids to detach from all these pressures and accept themselves for who they are. Yoga is a noncompetitive activity that provides kids a strong sense of self. With practice, they can identify how their bodies move and feel. They also learn respect for others. Yoga improves concentration, flexibility and self confidence in children and adults alike.

Ages 3-7 in the first 30 minutes and ages 8 and up in the second 30 minutes.

About Amy:

Amy MacConnell is a sought after children’s yoga teacher in the South Bay.  Her yoga classes are wildly fun yet they teach kids how to be present in their bodies, their breath and to have confidence in their soul.  She is a caring mother, founder of Club Kids Yoga, co-developer of the new board game Turasa and a leader in yoga for kids with special needs.

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