Chrys Kub

Resonance and Release: 

FitYogaTherapyTM For Myofascial Release 

Description:  In this session, you will use the foam roller to learn the mechanisms and causes of myofascial restrictions and common patterns seen in cyclists, athletes or weekend warriors. You will practice self myofascial release techniques and learn specialized sequencing to get the most effective results. Be prepared to come out of this session feeling released and rejuvenated!

Yin Yoga For Athletes:

FitYoga Therapy TM

Yin Yoga is a practice which explores opening the deep connective tissue to allow for improved flexibility and performance.  A perfect practice to incorporate on recovery days or after an intense workout.  Come learn and experience a new depth of deep release  physically, mentally and energetically using supportive yoga postures.


Yāpana™ (yaa-pa-na, like ahh-sa-na), an Ancient Sanskrit Word Meaning the Support and Extension of Life.Yāpana Yoga is an innovative blend of vinyasa flow to warm and prepare the body for poses that are held dynamically and restoratively using props for therapeutic support. Developed and presently exclusively by Leeann Carey Yoga, Yāpana practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of experience and skill. Classes are intelligent and thematic, and offer devoted students a creative path for tapping into the ocean of their practice, and teach yoga instructors how to better develop their teaching eye.

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About Chrys:

Chrys Kub is a physical therapist and yoga expert with more than 23 years of expertise in the fitness and health care field.  Her journey with yoga began in 2000 and she instantly recognized the complementary fields of physical therapy and yoga therapy.  Today, Chrys integrates therapeutic techniques in her practice and teaching.  FitYogaTherapyTM  was created out of a need to develop a  yoga practice which brings  together asana, breath and therapeutic tools to persons who are fit as well as those who are healing injuries.  Chrys teaches workshops, trainings and conferences nationally in FitYogaTherapyTM .  Over the last decade, she has taught and inspired hundreds of yoga teachers in yoga therapeutics.  She is an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Chrys also teaches teacher intensives in the  Yāpana Yoga Style which is a therapeutically based style of yoga created by LeeannCareyYoga.

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