Christopher Quain

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Yoga, and Savasana

“Feel better in your body, quiet in your mind”

 Experience one of the World’s Oldest, Most Profound Healing, Meditative Powers.

In the 1970’s scientists discovered what the ancient Tibetans have known for thousands of years. When healthy, each part of the body vibrates at its own specific frequency. Each bowl, tuned to that specific vibration and its location in the body resonates at the optimum frequency for good health.

For millennia singing bowls have been used for healing and meditation. Now they are here for you to experience.

Join Christopher, one of the few Singing Bowl performers in the western world, for this truly restorative workshop. Lie back and enjoy an hour of ethereal vibrations. Then, feel your way into your yoga practice reaching depths hitherto un-experienced.

Once you experience these vibrations you will never forget them.

Yoga Bandhas – Mastering Your Energy

Learn how the bandhas can launch your practice, body and life into a whole new realm!

Low energy?    Heavy legs?   Out of balance?    Alignment problems?   Disconnected?

At the Mercy of a hostile Universe?

Get it all in tune with Yoga Bandhas!

Bandhas are essentially the valves that control the flow of energy throughout your body. When used properly alignment improves, poses require less energy thus becoming more sustainable, lightness or buoyancy appears even in challenging asanas. A sense of integration permeates the whole being.

By the end of this session you’ll know how to access the three main bandhas on your own, you’ll have felt several more and you’ll be able to begin to identify when to employ them.

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About Christopher:

Christopher Quain E-RYT 500 holds multiple, advanced teaching certificates. He’s attended countless other trainings, seminars and workshops with premier teachers from all over the globe. Repeatedly asked to guest lecture at U.S.C., he teaches 1,000’s of classes a year to people from all walks of life including, doctors, surgeons, rocket scientists – even an astronaut or two.

Trained in all aspects of yoga by world-renowned Master Teacher Leeann Carey and Kofi Busia, the world’s highest ranking  Iyengar teacher, Christopher’s instruction is both technical and steeped in philosophy and theory. Combining Eastern philosophies with allopathic knowledge he guides you, the practitioner surely and calmly to the essence of who you are.

“Whether I’m teaching you a class or teaching you how to teach a class my goal is to have you present in the moment creating a better future.”

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