Christine Frazzitta

Yoga and the Senses…

Teaching Schedule:
Saturday 1-3pm

Come learn the basics of Aromatherapy and the Chakra system at the same time! We’ll incorporate many essential oils with yoga asanas targeted on each of the energy centers located within our bodies to open up and balance our systems. Learn how the combination of special essential oils with specific postures can open up tight places both physically and energetically. This workshop will be part yoga, part breath work and a lot aromatherapy! For all levels.

About Christine:

Christine is originally from New York and relocated to the Southwest in 1999 to work in the engineering industry and to enjoy the sunshine. She now works full time in the health and wellness industry introducing people to yoga and aromatherapy along with a more natural lifestyle. Christine is the creator of, a product line designed to help you live your best life! includes aromatherapy skin care, environment shifters, yoga props and accessories as well as private coaching and yoga sessions. Christine has been teaching yoga and incorporating her ZeetaBody products into classes since 2009. Her teaching style encourages each student the freedom to be who they are in every posture, emphasizes safe alignment and accentuates breathing. Christine’s hope is to inspire her students in each class to reach a different level mentally and physically by merging yoga with aromatherapy, allowing her students to get lost in the moment and experience new things.

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