Chelsea Welch

Introduction to a Mala Meditation

A mala is a strand(necklace) of 108 beads/seeds/gems. A mala meditation consists of going through each bead while reciting an intention, mantra or prayer. This is a wonderful way to gain clarity and focus while manifesting your life’s vision.
During the “Introduction to a Mala Meditation” we will discuss different techniques, mantras, and be guided through a group meditation.
In addition, malas from Chelsea Welch’s “Intention-based Mala Collection” will be available for purchase before and after the meditation. These malas are made with a variety of intentions such as love, abundance, courage, health, and many others. She also makes custom malas specific to unique needs and desires, so bring your ideas with you.
Please feel free to bring something comfortable to sit on such as a blanket, or yoga mat for the meditation.


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