Chelsea Welch and Matt Rothert

Half Mala: 54 Sun Salutations

Raise your vibration with an intention based half Mala!  During these 54 Surya Namaskar A  (Sun Salutations) we will be setting six intentions based on gratitude, abundance, love, joy, forgiveness, and setting a personal vision for your future. This is a moving meditation that reveals the benefits of focusing the mind, understanding the breath, and burning away impurities through this heat building experience. These intentions are designed to give participants the opportunity to raise their own internal vibration and maximize one’s potential. It’s a perfect way to celebrate at a yoga festival like the South Bay Yoga Conference – it’s better than champagne.

Yin Yoga with Live Music

This workshop will feature traditional Yin Yoga asanas with live music featuring Shannon Larsen (guitar, vocals) and Eron Zehavi (saxophone, other instruments), and Michael Ascolese (drums). This restorative yoga practice allows the connective tissue to lengthen and release stagnation in order to feel anew. It’s through these longs holds that participants are able to surrender into their physical and emotional bodies and enjoy passive stretches while listening to great music. This practice is all about relaxing, restoring, and balancing your internal vibration.  This class will  be outdoors so please bring a sweater or blanket if you tend to get cold in the middle of the day in August in Southern California!  (Hey, we know it can happen!)

Sky Sings by Shan Songs


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About Matt:

If you ever find yourself stressing out, Matt is the teacher for you. His relaxed smile and go-with-the-flow attitude make him the most natural yogi we know, and we love blissing out in his relaxation classes.

Matt grew up in the South and Midwest playing whatever sport was in season. He ran track and cross country and played golf while at Wheaton College in Chicago and graduated with a BA in Business and Economics. After a successful climb up the corporate ladder in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Madison/Milwaukee, he gave it all up in search of his passion. He moved to California in 2001 and soon realized he was home.

Matt has earned over 500 hours of yoga teacher training with Julie Rader through The Mukti School of Yoga. He now enjoys sharing his love for yoga through teaching it to others. Matt teaches vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, and yoga for young athletes. His students will attest to its amazing benefits, and his calming and peaceful energy. His positive energy inspires and encourages his students to become the best they can be.

He is also one of Lululemon’s wonderful ambassadors.

About Chelsea:

Chelsea left her small town in Ontario Canada 10 years ago and never looked back. Many travels later, fate landed her on the Big Island of Hawaii where she spent the last 6 years diving into the depths of the islands secrets, and ultimately uncovering the depth of her own true spirit. It is there where she developed a yoga practice that blends together all of the earths elements; reminding her students through breath (prana) and movement (asana) to connect to their organic selves.

After returning from her most recent travel to India, Chelsea landed in Manhattan Beach, California. She has over 500 hours of yoga training with Julie Rader through The Mukti School of Yoga. This well traveled yogi uses her grab bag of yogic knowledge to teach both vinyasa flow and restorative yoga classes that offer grace, strength, and originality fused together with playfulness and humor.

Chelsea continues to travel the globe taking her yoga off the mat and into the world in search of new knowledge and spiritual growth.

Chelsea Welch and Matt Rothert, also known as the “dynamic duo” continue to inspire the South Bay community with their genuine love for each other and for the yogic lifestyle. Together this couple leads successful retreats both locally and globally sharing their love for vegetarian cooking, adventure, and making life memories.They are the yin to each others yang, and it shows.


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