SEO Trends to Watch as an SEO Agency

As an SEO agency, it can be difficult looking at so many numbers and trying to fit your company and client’s company into many factors. Sometimes, in the midst of doing all of these, it is easy to forget the most important trends to look out for when trying to bring in traffic to your website. 

Focusing on the important SEO trends makes it possible and easy for your website to do well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and attract relevant leads. On the flip side, if you focus on doing just about everything to bring in a whole bunch of traffic to your website, you will end upbringing in a lot of irrelevant traffic (people who won’t buy much of your stuff) and in the process increase your bounce rate. Click here to read more about SEO Agency for your local Business.

SEO trends can help an SEO agency put their feet in the shoes of their customer, and armed with this knowledge, serve them better. Here are a few SEO trends to consider as an SEO agency:

Focus More on User and Search Intent

Think of Google as a place where people go to where they need more information about something. People hardly buy from a website the first time they search on Google, over 90 percent of people searching on Google are doing solid research to find solutions to their problems. Most of the time, when people search on Google, they don’t have a specific product in mind.

For example, when searching for how to resolve problems in their car, a google user may type something like “Why is my car horn not working?” or “Why is my engine finding it difficult to start”. Notice that there is not search for products or services here. It is up to you, the SEO agency to help your client who is a car mechanic or sells car parts to craft helpful articles on the topics that your potential clients search for and use those keywords to stay on top.

Make your website mobile friendly

According to CNBC, almost 75% of internet users will use smartphone devices to browse the internet by 2025. For this reason, Google now uses mobile-first indexing, meaning they check out mobile-friendly your website is first before considering how desktop-friendly it is. 

What does this mean for you as an SEO agency? This means that you have to design your website to suit the mobile experience. Your pages should load faster because smartphone users have a short attention span and your page design should fit into a smartphone.

Also, it will help a lot if you drastically reduce the number of unnecessary ads on your website and optimize it for conversion on your mobile device.

Try to create more longform content

There is a lot of research to back the claim that long-form content is more helpful to SEO than short content. Longform content is also more likely to get more backlinks because they are very detailed and touch every aspect of a topic. It makes commonsense that long-form content performs better than other types of content because long-form content contains a lot of details that have the capacity to keep people on a webpage for longer.

Google rewards your website when they discover that your website has a lot of long-form content that keeps people on your website for long, and your SERP rankings will go up.

You can go back to your old content and look for ways to repurpose it so that you add new information to it or new trending keywords that can give your content a boost. Also, consider adding links to other pages on your website that are related to the content you are writing on. This way, people can stay longer on your website and it increases the chances of converting them.

Focus on featured snippets

Featured snippets came out in 2017, and they are quick ways for a user to get answers to their questions without having to read through long posts. Snippets let you know if a website contains the right kind of answer you seek, and if you are satisfied, you can click on them to read more on the website.

Google is focused on improving customer experience by making sure users don’t have to go through the stress of reading long posts before discovering that they do not have the answers they seek.

To create snippets, you have to be user-focused. You need to be up to date with keywords that are being used in the industry and write specific answers to questions with those keywords. For example, if a common search keyword is “Why is my taillight not working?”, then in your article about the topic, you should have a specific paragraph with 2 to 3 sentences answering the question directly. 

Use videos too

Video content is growing rapidly, and people are looking to sites like YouTube to get answers. Try to create a YouTube channel that answers questions to problems in your field. Also, optimize your channel name to correspond with keywords that are being used in your niche.

Most Google searches nowadays bring up Youtube videos as snippets, so be sure to keep that in mind when creating video content.


The best thing to do is keep in mind that

SEO Basics for an SEO Agency in Australia

If you are thinking about starting an SEO agency in Australia, it might seem like a very overwhelming task ahead of you. You might be thinking, “Is SEO still worth it?” “Why don’t I just focus on paid ads instead?” Well, according to data obtained by Hubspot, organic traffic still accounts for a large percentage of total traffic to your website, even more than paid and social traffic put together. 

What this means is that SEO is still worth it, and very much important to boosting your organic traffic. However, it may feel overwhelming sometimes when you think about what you have to learn and where to put all your effort to make it work. Google has over 200 ranking factors they take into consideration before they put your website at the top of their search results, and it is difficult to meet all the criteria. Luckily, there are a few SEO basics you can put into practice that will affect a major part of your overall ranking.  Visit to read more about SEO agencies in Australia.

Some of these basics are:

  1. Content

Google and other top search engines reward sites with well-researched, in-depth, and quality content for their audience. It is Google’s way of incentivizing fresh content on the internet by websites, and also a way of telling Google that your website is still active. If your website is lagging behind on fresh, quality content, then your SEO is going to suffer.

One important aspect of good content for SEO is keywords. As an SEO agency in Australia, you should be focused on acquiring quality keywords that will rank for the industry you are in. If your client is in the restaurant industry, find keywords in that niche that people are constantly searching for, and build good content around it.

Most people don’t buy the first time they come online. They search around, look for information on products that they like, compare different product types, and see if a product is right for them before they proceed to open their wallets and bring out their credit cards. If your website isn’t focused on providing good content to first-time visitors, then you will miss out on more than 95% of the total traffic that will come to your website.

Creating content is good, but it isn’t all that is required. You can repurpose old content and add fresh advice or knowledge based on new trends. Also, remember to add video and audio content too if need be.

  1. Links

Solid content is good for ranking, but without links, you might never really crack the top spot. Good, quality backlinks are a very important part of Google ranking factors, and they don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Enough research has been done by SEO and analytics experts and the judgment is clear: that the lower the backlinks you have, the lower your rank on Google. Why is this so? 

Backlinks are a way of telling Google that you are a solid and legitimate website. Backlinks also tell Google that you are a good authority in your industry, and other websites are vouching for the authenticity of your content. 

As an SEO agency in Australia, your goals should be focused on getting credible websites to feature your articles, products or service on their website so that you can have backlinks to your site. Most of these credible sites in your industry attract thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors every month, so by getting your work featured on their website, you open yourself to a lot of relevant traffic for your site.

  1. Ease of Access

You should be totally focused on making your website easy to access. This means taking away all the high-resolution images from your website (nobody really needs all that detail) and replacing them with regular images. This change makes it easier for your website to load, and faster too. Most first-time visitors won’t waste time on a website that takes time to load, and if Google notices that a lot of people are bouncing out of your website in record time, then your ranking is going to drop.

Also, focus on optimizing your webpage for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Most times, when people create websites, they only focus on seeing how it looks on a personal computer and neglect its appearance on a mobile device. Most of your customers will access your website on their mobile devices, so you should design your website appearance to bring the best out of a smartphone. Also, keep in mind that most smartphone users have a short attention span, so try to make your website load faster for smartphone devices.

  1. Meta Descriptions and Headlines

Any good writer knows that a good headline can make you read an article, while a poor one can make you never click on a website. The same thing applies to meta description, which is a short description of website content that website visitors can see from the Google search page without having to click on your website.

To make meta descriptions and headlines work for you, you have to do some keyword research and find out what your potential customers are searching for on the internet constantly. This way, you can use the exact words that will attract a lot of relevant traffic to your =self. For example, if you are a fine dining restaurant in Australia where people come to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions, you can write articles about this, and use meta descriptions with keywords that relate especially to fine dining in Australia, and why it is a good thing for celebrations.


If you implement the basics listed in this article, you can radically affect your SEO outcome. There are other techniques, tricks, and tweaks that might be necessary, but these basics provide a clear big picture for you if you wish to build your SEO from nothing to something in no time.