BhaktiMa Kirtan

BhaktiMa formed around a shared love of kirtan in 2005. Kirtan is form of devotional music that originated in India. Sheri Mattson returned from India with a musical instrument called a harmonium that Amma, an Indian Saint, blessed by playing it. Her husband Brian experimented with it and began playing for Sheri’s yoga students in an effort to add Bhakti (devotional) yoga to their existing Hatha yoga practice. As the music evolved, the group expanded to fill out the sound. Members include: Brian & Sheri Mattson, Kamala Kirksey, Timilie Losq, Kalidas (Marc) and Ramanand (Ed Gordon). Together they offer this sadhana (practice) with the goal of creating a devotional dance of rhythm and word. An uplifting journey of sound, where the line between performer and audience melts into a single current of energy-moving Kirtan.

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