5 Things Your Customers Expect From Your Hair Salon In Paddington

It’s interesting to know that your customers have expectations just as you have yours as well. While you are thinking of getting more customers and retaining the existing ones to generate more revenue from your business, customers are also seeking a hair salon that can give deliver to taste and meet their ultimate needs at all times.

Sometimes it seems impossible always to satisfy customers’ needs because customers are diversified, and so are their needs. So, the quest to provide a diversified solution to diversified requests can be overwhelming. 

The good news is not only that you can meet up their expectations, but you can also exceed them! Yes. As a hairdresser, you can make your customers satisfied at every visit, but you need to learn HOW. 

If the HOW is what you have been looking for, you are reading the right article. This article contains five things that customers always want to see in a Paddington hair salon before they can pledge their loyal patronage. Let’s start unveiling them. 

1. New Experience

Your customers want something new. So, could you give it to them? Put yourself in the shoe; it can get boring visiting the same hair salon having the same experience every season. Don’t be astonished if some of your clients dump you for another hairdresser down the road. They are tired of the same old experience! 

Giving your clients a new experience is a key to customer loyalty. No matter your service’s quality, you will only be putting your hair salon business at risk of losing loyal clients if you take it for granted. 

To bring out something new, you can change the entire face of your hair salon every season. Speak with your interior decorator to create something entirely new from what you have had in the past years. Additionally, you can change the type and brands of the drink you serve to your customers to give them an entirely different taste. 

Changing the interior lighting can also help tremendously. Meanwhile, you don’t have to pay professionals before making a noticeable hair salon’s lighting. You can search the internet to check new interior lightings that can spice up the whole place. 

You can also change what your staff wears and teach them new ways to respond to customers on the phone or face to face. The ultimate idea is that you need to do everything you know to give your customers a new experience.

2. Personalization

Customers want hairdressers that can serve them according to their individual needs. It’s one of their greatest expectation. Are you wondering how I know? As a hairdresser who has spent several years in Paddington, I can tell you that it’s all the same with every potential customer out there. 

Customers want a hairdresser that knows what they need when they sit down on the chair. For them, it produces a feeling that you do care about their person and not only their money. In some cases, when customers approach a hairdresser, they go with the expectation that he/she will provide solutions that go beyond solving their hair issues.

So, to win your customer’s hearts, you have to do everything to make them feel special. Here’s the best part, you already have the knowledge and tools to offer a customized and personalized service to each client. You only need to suggest for them and proceed. It will even add some more money to pocket.

Suggest special add-on services such as scalp, shoulder, and hand massages, make-up application, a tea ritual, and more to every client sitting on your chair at the moment.  When your customers know that you offer custom-made services to serve their personal needs, they will give you their loyalty a hundred percent. 

Consultation is another essential thing that makes clients feel at home. Unfortunately, many hairdressers fail to maximize this opportunity by giving clients inadequate responses when they ask to sit down and talk over a few things. 

Dedicate special hours to listen to customers’ requests and provide answers to their questions. As you do that, you are building a solid customer relationship.

3. Time 

If you want your clients to respect you for your quality services, you must take time very seriously. Every hairdresser needs to hold this secret in their left hands. Based on experience, waste of time is one of the reasons customers change hairdressers without asking questions. 

Your customers don’t have the luxury of time to sit down in your salon all day. You have to get that right now. They have other important things they want to use their time to do. Any attempt to delay them will result in a dispute. 

No matter the quality of your service, you might be losing customers consistently if you don’t put time at the center of whatever you do. 

An angry customer once told me that she wouldn’t pay for my service because she missed an important meeting after sitting down for long hours in my salon. I couldn’t argue because I know what it means to miss such a meeting.

Now, those were the times I was still learning how to live up to my customers’ expectations. You can learn from my mistakes to give your customers maximum satisfaction. click hear to learn more about time management.

4. Natural beauty

Customers are super-conscious of the kind of products their hairdressers use to treat their hair.  Now more than ever, they prefer using natural products to non-natural. They usually claim that natural products grow hair five times more than non-natural ones. 

So, how do you satisfy their needs? It’s easy. Make sure that you use hair products made with naturally-derived ingredients for customers that to increase performance. Also, you must share the details of the products with your clients to give them peace of mind. 

5. Transparency

Imagine yourself as a customer and evaluate how much you would appreciate transparency. Naturally, being honest is an excellent way to build a strong connection with your customers. 

Giving your client a few honest details like how much your service cost, how long it will take to finish the work, what products they will need to get the best result will go a long way. They will be happy to know that you are ready to tailor your services based on their budget and time restraints.

You can live up to the expectations of your customers if you stick to the above-listed tips. Though there are still many other things that your customers may be expecting from you, you can only figure those out by asking your clients personal questions before attending to their hairs. Click here to learn how to build lasting customer relationships