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Why the World Needs You In It: Introduction to Tantra Yoga Philosophy

This is a lecture.

Tantra is a word that brings up an assortment of misconceptions and false ideas, both here in the west and even in India. In this introductory lecture, Ashton will cover the basic ideals of this life affirming practice and introduce the principal invitation of tantric yoga: to engage more fully into the experience of life. While rooted in ancient scriptures like the Shiva Sutras, Spanda Karikas, Vijnana Bhairava, Ashton has a way of explaining these rich philosophical ideas in down to earth, easy to understand ways. He’ll touch on the tantric interpretations of what is often considered India’s most sacred text, the Bhagavad­Gita, as well as weave in stories of the Gods and Goddesses so abundant in India’s cultural heritage. At the end of this lecture you will be inspired to melt your practice of yoga into your everyday experiences of living and dive into a deeper relationship with life. He’ll explain while the yoga of the ascetics is not the yoga for our modern times, but rather how Tantric yoga, the yoga of the householder, of you and me, is what is needed to bring the world together in these challenging global times.

Introduction to Tantric Hatha Yoga

This is a yoga asana practice.

What is Tantric Hatha Yoga? The word Tantra often brings up all sorts of misconceptions, and in this class we will begin to clarify and demystify this life affirming practice. The roots of Hatha Yoga are shown to come from the Tantric Tradition, yet most of the philosophical background of our modern western practice comes from the dualistic Patanjali or Advaita Vedanta, both of which are primarily geared for ascetics and monks. The Tantras are directed more towards the house holder: you and me, those of us living here in the western world with our jobs, relationships, engaged in the ups and downs of everyday modern living. In this class we will learn how the practice of Hatha Yoga can deeply and profoundly affirm, nurture, and deepen our relationship to life. And instead of turning us further away from the experiences of the world, we’ll learn how our practice can draw us into a deeper relationship with all of the experiences we encounter in our fast paced western world. We will explore mantra, pranayama and asana to delve into a fuller relationship with everyone and everything, while challenging, expanding and nurturing our physical bodies, our mind and spirit.

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About Ashton:

A teacher of Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ashton has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. He lived and travelled in Asia for more than six years studying and teaching yoga. He was first exposed to yoga at the age of twelve by his Japanese Ju Jitsu Sensei, Steve Copping, and has taken teacher trainings with Peri Ness (Synergy Yoga), David Goulet (Chakra Yoga), Leeann Carey (Leeann Carey Yoga). In 2011, he co­founded the Virajati Yoga School which leads teacher trainings and workshops worldwide. His life affirming classes are fun, challenging, and inspire people to be their fullest, most vibrant selves. He currently lives in Encinitas, Ca with his partner, Kristi, and their young daughter, Sequoia.



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