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Sunday 8:30-10:30am & 1:45-3:15pm

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Ancient Thais treated ailments by using hands-on manipulation to restore the flow of energy throughout the body; Thai yoga therapy is a deep, full body treatment which includes stretching of the joints and muscles and compression along the energy lines. The result is an overall feeling of balance, muscular release and peace. In this workshop, Ansley will guide you through a simple sequence of asanas that can be incorporated into your classes or private sessions. You will be working with a partner as you follow along with what Ansley is demonstrating.

If you don’t have a partner, you will make a new friend.

Restorative Yogapuncture ™

In this 2 hour workshop Ansley and acupuncturist Monica Sarrat  will lead you through a series of yoga postures in which you will be encouraged to turn off the thinking and doing part of your brain and allow yourself to simply BE. Some restorative poses are beneficial to the entire body; others are therapeutic for specific issues in the body and mind. To add to this delicious and relaxing practice, Monica will administer acupuncture to take you into a deeply relaxed state of being.

About Ansley:

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Like many yoga teachers, Ansley began teaching yoga after being a student for a few years. She wanted to combine her love of the practice with her experience as an educator. She was trained in a vinyasa style of yoga but over the years has created space for other styles in her classes and now primarily teaches in the Yapana method. This method utilizes intelligent prop placement and incorporates restorative yoga practice. Ansley also does Thai Yoga Therapy which she sometimes blends into her classes. Recently, Ansley has begun to work alongside a treatment team of therapists and a registered dietician in a center for eating disorders and addiction recovery.  Ansley has a unique way of integrating current brain science, yoga and narrative into her classes.  She tries not to take herself too seriously and encourages students to do the same by keeping things lighthearted and fun. When Ansley is not teaching yoga she loves to read, walk and spend time with her family. Ansley has a BS from Cal State Fullerton and a Master’s in Education with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis; she is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and an e-RYT 500. She is an international presenter and is currently a mentor teacher with Leeann Carey Yoga.

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