Aminda Courtwright

HypnoRestorative Yoga

Build your practice from the inside out. Utilizing creative visualization and hypnotherapy imagery we tap into the subconscious to affect a sense of complete relaxation and create change at the subconscious level.

Combining the practice of yoga nidra, transpersonal hypnotherapy and restorative yoga postures these workshops will guide you through a woven tapestry that will allow your mind to release and provide an ideal opportunity for profound healing to occur.  You will leave feeling rested and renewed and you may find yourself ready to move forward in many ways in your life.

No previous yoga experience necessary! Suitable for all levels from the novice to those looking to take their practice to the next level.
This is restorative style class and all poses are executed on the floor utilizing props to support complete physical relaxation. Where comfotable clothes and bring extra props for maximum comfort!

YinYasa for Your Back

An informational, transformational back healing experience. Use your mind and body to create healing for your back and learn ways to keep it safe and strong during your yoga practice and life!!! Focus on the Mind – Body – Diet connection.

Combining vinyasa, yin, and restorative poses this dynamic workshop will teach you HOW to move to care for your back, how to heal it, how to strengthen it and how to love your back again. Walk away feeling great and with tools to keep your back strong, healthy and pain free.

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Aminda’s Bio:

Wellness can be described as “the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential.”

A wife, mother and grandmother is who she is…but her life’s calling is as a Teacher. That is what it all comes down to…Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness…whatever it is she loves to learn but loves even more to share what she discovers. Having taught high-school drama, speech and debate, tele-comm technical training, diversity, career pathing, customer service she has a life long passion for education. Over the years everything led to one thing, wellness…staying healthy in body, mind and spirit. Like everyone, her own self worth had taken a few beatings over the years and she experienced a deep loss that changed her view of the world.  During her healing, what she realized is that we all go through tough times yet happiness doesn’t ever have to stop.  We just need the tools to rise up from them, and that is how she discovered her passion; helping others lift themselves up and live joyously NOW.


Aminda began her career of understanding human movement at the ripe old age of 6 when she entered her first ballet class. At 13, she danced professionally with the Virginia Beach Ballet Company, in her teens had a stint with modeling, and spent a lot of time doing theatre, but life has a way of taking us in new directions, so instead of running off to Hollywood she was graced her with 3 sons; twins now 22 years old and her “baby” now 16. (And now she’s a Grandma too!) With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications she taught High School Speech and Drama, and then spent 10 years in corporate America teaching others how to pursue their dreams. Her reintroduction to fitness began over a decade ago when she realized that children, age, and all those years behind a desk had not been kind to her …behind. She began the journey back to a healthy life and body composition, hiring a personal trainer herself in the beginning; she became dedicated to her new healthy lifestyle and shortly thereafter knew she wanted to combine her experience as a teacher with her new found awareness of healthy living. After losing 45lbs with the miracle plan of eating right and exercising, she wanted to spread the word! Around this time she also discovered yoga, which helped her learn to love the skin she is in, heal from a deep loss and brought clarity to her vision of who she wanted to be when she grew up!


Her asana based classes are a combination of all the different aspects of her training –  alternating from flow to yin and back again, steeped in tradition, metaphor and inspiration. Her classes are designed around themes so that in addition to the physical we are exercising our minds, hearts and spirits as well, all with a healthy dose of humor as she truly believes laughter is still the best medicine. Her highest aim as a teacher and mentor is to help her students discover and reveal their true selves and find a place of tranquility and joyous acceptance of themselves. Her unique skill set has led to the creation of HypnoRestorative yoga, a hypnotic yoga experience that fully engages the mind, body, spirit connection allowing for a truly healing and transformative practice.


As an E-200hr RYT (Power and Anjali Restorative Yoga), Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner and Personal trainer Aminda has a broad perspective of the human form, spirit, and mind and this range is reflected in her ever evolving teaching style and suite of modalities offered.


When she isn’t teaching, training or hypnotizing people you can see her riding her motorcycle, rafting the colorado river, hiking, hanging with her amazing children, grandson and especially her dashing husband Carl, and of course spoiling her dog,Asimov. She is dedicated to donating her time as a yoga teacher for various charities, to continuing her own education and with any luck changing the world as she goes!


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